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Based on an alternative and dynamic thinking on the health of the individual in today's world, Amyris Books, created in 2000, publish books in the field of holistic and natural medicine that have a global approach of the patient.

Currently, Amyris has issued 70 titles. The authors are from the French-speaking countries (Belgium, France, Switzerland, Quebec). Amyris distribute their books on the international market, mainly in French but also in Spanish, Italian, English, German, Dutch, Japanese and Czech.

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Products 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Page 1 out of 1
Products 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Page 1 out of 1
De Gemmotherapie
SFr. 25.40
1 pc.
L'Abécédaire des Bons Réflexes Santé
SFr. 27.79SFr. 25.01
1 pc.
L'Argile, Médecine Ancestrale
SFr. 26.38SFr. 25.07
1 pc.
L'Aromathérapie - Se Soigner par les Huiles Essentielles
SFr. 26.38
1 pc.
L'olfactothérapie - Sentir pour mieux se sentir
SFr. 23.11
1 pc.
Les Élixirs Floraux
SFr. 18.84
1 pc.